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The Community
In honor of the wonderful place sixwordstories, this haven was created for everyone. Even people that play muses and just want to have a tiny little drabble. Comments and interaction are encouraged. If you don't want that, there is an option to turn off comments when you make a post, please utilize that.
The Rules
he rules are simple. Post a story, but it has to be EXACTLY ten words. Ten words is the least and most it can be.

- Respect each other for crying out loud. We don't want to have to go and ban you from the community because you want to be a idiot towards someone else. Now muses, may not like other muses. Keep it within that range, do NOT take it to a personal level. It won't be tolerated and it will be dealt with.

- EACH story has a seperate post. We don't care if you have six in your head. You must make a seperate post for each one. A exception to this rule would be striking out, but stricken out words will count to the ten words.

Right: I loved trusted him, but in the end was betrayed.

Wrong: I was so in love trusted him, but in the end was betrayed.

- Don't use titles, leave the subject line BLANK.

- Verses, ooc notes, locking to certain muses can be done in the location and music fields. Keep them there.

- Adding hyphens between words, does NOT make them one word.

- Do not use explicit language. not sexually explicit NOR slanderous words.

- This is not a 18+ community. Keep that in mind.

- Don't promote communities here. There are plenty of comms out there for that.

- You will run into mulitple muses. There CAN be two Doctor Nine's and such. There's not a limit of how many of the same characters and whatnot can be in the community. RESPECT THAT. Do NOT start bashing or hating on someone else's version of a character. It's not polite and it won't be tolerated. Take the wank somewhere else. I personally will not deal with it. Just because you happen to play or know someone playing a muse prior doesn't mean that they are the ONLY ones that should be acknowledged.

- If a complaint is lodged? It will be addressed by the mod and a public post will be made.

Due to recent complaints by members the rules have been amended.

- Any threads dealing with rape/sexual intercourse should not be posted here. Post it in your journal and let the other parties involved know about the thread.

- If you post a thread dealing with rape/sexual intercourse, you will be warned and the thread will be deleted. If it continues? You will be banned from the community. There's no three strike rule, it's a warning then you're out. This has always been a ALL ages community and will remain such.

Simple huh? Not that hard to understand and not that hard to follow. Easy peasy if you ask me. So, join and start writing. Have fun. That's the most important thing.

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